For events with a high volume of transactions without an available phone line or internet connection, count on reliable and fast processing with our Wireless Broadband Terminals.

  • You don’t need to purchase terminals for one time annual events and have them sit around all year!
  • Save hundreds of dollars on expensive hotel/event center internet and phone connections.
  • High Speed internet connection uses Verizon 4G LTE, Sprint, or AT&T network.
  • Processing terminals with a high speed internet connection are much faster than dial-up terminals that may share a phone line.
  • Make your check-in and check-out lines move much faster!
  • There is no need to use “knuckle-buster” card imprinters if you don’t have a phone line or internet.
  • Router and terminal(s) are pre-programmed and ready to go.
  • A pre-paid shipping label is included to return the system once the event is completed.
  • All-in-one terminals with battery power that lasts all day are available for events that don’t have power, internet, or phone lines available.
  • *Actual equipment may vary from what is pictured on this webpage.


Our wireless broadband terminals provide the perfect solution for areas where wired connections aren’t always available.

A perfect option for areas where wired access is not available

Completely EMV capable

Simplified transactions are great for golf courses, restaurants, and more!

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