Live and silent auctions are a fun way for any organization to raise money. Auctions can be in-person or online. We have solutions to make auctions more effective, efficient, and convenient.

Live Auctions

When hosting a live auction, the details make can make or break it. You need an efficient way to register bidders with a payment card securely stored on file. We also suggest an event management system that eliminates check-out lines at the end of the event. Let your guests leave on a good note!

Online Auctions

Our online auction platform can be a stand-alone solution or it can be used in conjunction with a live event. It is a great way to incorporate people who were unable to attend the event in person, but still want to participate and support your cause. Online auctions work around the clock too!
Be sure you are capturing your bidders information, sending the Automatic reminders when they are out-bid and thanking them for their bids.

Mobile Bidding

Mobile bidding lets guests use a smartphone to bid during a live event, get outbid notifications, check to see what they have won and even check out.

Benefit Auctioneers

When it comes to live auctions, we suggest using a professional. A professional benefit auctioneer will connect the audience with the mission of your organization. When people stop bidding, a trained auctioneer will use his or her skills to engage the audience and get them bidding again. Contact us for an auctioneer referral (seriously – we know some GREAT ones!).

Fund A Need

Fund-a-need is a great way to raise additional money while bringing a crowd of people together to support one cause. It is most effective when a personal story is shared by someone touched by the organization, followed by the auctioneer asking for donations starting in large increments and then moving down to smaller amounts. A successful fund-a-need is usually the emotional high-point of the evening and often the most profitable element of a fundraising auction.

Live Auction Preview

It is helpful to host a live auction preview to promote your auction items ahead of time. Showcase them on your registration page to build interest. Later during dinner and while the live auction is getting under way, the attendees can plan ahead and discuss their plans with a spouse or friend for bigger spending.

Express Check Out

Express Check Out can be utilized by itself or with other solutions (like a live auction). With Express Check Out, donors are done when the auction is done. No more waiting in long lines at the end of an evening!
Silent auction items should be tracked with the actual value and the bid amounts so that the donor can easily know what he or she can deduct on taxes.

Printable Bid Sheets

Bid sheets with 3 carbon copies are ideal unless you are doing all electronic bidding. This allows for easy record keeping on the night of the event.

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