Event Payment Express

For organizations that already have an event management system and simply need a payment processing solution to speed up check in/out.

It’s Simple…

  • The day before event
  • During the event
  • After the event is over
  • Preload bidders into the system (upload from an excel document)
  • Connect USB card readers to your computer
  • Enter bidder number and swipe credit card (creating an e-wallet)
  • Collect event participant email address for email receipt to be emailed later
  • One-time charge for those who do not “pre-swipe”
  • Enter bidder charges next day (after books have been reconciled)
  • Close out event (bidder cards are charged at this time)
  • Money is deposited directly to your bank account
  • A notification is emailed to the event participant


Our Event Payment Express solution offers multiple solutions that will deliver maximum impact at your event.

Preload all guests into your online system to streamline data entry and save time during your event

Significantly reduce long lines at checkout

Process one-time payments, split-card payments, and secure e-wallet

No long-term contracts or annual fees

AshleyEvent Payment Express