First Friday

MaxGiving First Friday is a free community luncheon. Each month we highlight a nonprofit that is making a difference in Idaho’s treasure valley. If you are local, join us to eat, connect, and support your community.

Register to attend the December luncheon as we support Faces of Hope Foundation and the work they do for our community.

Upcoming Luncheon:

First Friday, March 1st

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

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Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn sessions are an opportunity for nonprofit organization leaders to gain the resources needed to increase their bottom line by using best practice fundraising methods. From starting a new nonprofit to smashing event night goals, we cover it all. Join us to learn, connect, and to set your organization up for success.

Fall / Winters Series Line Up:

Jan 9: The Power of Starting with The Why

BSU Nonprofit Management professor and experienced nonprofit executive director, Ann Heilman, will share the power of starting with the why and how it will improve board and staff engagement along with volunteer recruitment and retention.

Feb 13: The Art of Storytelling

Stories connect us to our audience in an authentic way. Jennifer Quinn “JennyQ,” Marketing Consultant and Live Video Expert, will share how to best share your organization's story and connect supporters to what you do.

April 10: Grant Writing 101

Independent consultant and professional grant writer, Laura Hull, will help navigate the path of basic grant writing and funding searches.

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Volunteers & Volunteer Training

MaxGiving offers a fun, high energy volunteer training covering every aspect of the night. From using our software (pre event training), to selling raffle tickets (on site training), our strategic training maximizes fun for volunteers and FUNDS for your cause!

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About volunteers: We find a higher success rate with volunteers from the nonprofit – they are generally more connected to the mission, know more people in the room, and have better odds raising and selling. We know that not every organization has that option though. We offer monthly training sessions to our certified MaxGiving volunteers who love to attend and help at fundraising events. Our volunteers have gone through background checks and are highly knowledgeable on our software.