College Athletics Fundraising

We can’t thank you and your team enough for helping us with the SueB fundraising site. It is pretty impressive what you were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Deborah Wachtell, Women’s & Children’s Alliance


MaxGiving has a great deal of experience with college athletics fundraising:
We have addressed many of your challenges and have solutions to help you not only raise
more money for your department, but increase the efficiency of your fundraising efforts.

  • Now your student athletes can ``compete`` to raise money!

    MaxGiving makes it easy and fun for your student athletes to raise money for their individual sports. By utilizing social media, MaxGiving allows your student athletes to “compete” against each other to see who can raise the most money. Each donation page can be customized to reflect why they are raising money and how it will help them. No more going around door to door with a pen and paper asking for donations, now your athletes can reach more people and raise more money to support their program.

  • Do you have an annual fundraiser?

    Whether you have a gala, golf tournament, or some other form of raising money, MaxGiving has the tools to make your event run smooth and raise more money. Our mobile solutions make it easy to take payments and donations wherever you are, whether you are walking around at dinner asking for donations or selling athletic wear at your fundraiser, people will appreciate the convenience of credit cards wherever you are. Our online registration tools allow your guests to go online 24/7 to register for your event and make their payment right away and with our Express Pay system your guests won’t have to wait in line anymore.

  • Automated recurring donations!

    Your donors want to give you money on a recurring basis but it’s not something they think about every month. That’s money you are not collecting! Why not use MaxGiving and let your donors “set it and forget it,” with convenience and trust.

Our gala fundraising team is best in class…let us prove it!

AshleyCollege Athletics Fundraising